GELNE - Grupo de Estudos Linguísticos do Nordeste


Chapter I

Characterization, head office and jurisdiction

Art. 1

Group of Linguistic Studies in the Northeast (Grupo de Estudos Linguísticos do Nordeste – GELNE) herein named GELNE is a private law legal entity, an Association, in the terms of the Brazilian Constitution, of non-profitable and not-political nature of indeterminate duration that gathers professors, researchers and students of Linguistics, Literature and Languages filiated to both teaching-learning and research institutions in the North and Northeast regions, as well as different professionals according to the conditions here established.

Art. 2

For non-litigious and non-contentious purposes, as well as due to its itinerant nature, GELNE is organized in accordance to its head offices.

2.1 Starting in 2014, until 31st December 2016, the head office of this Association shall be Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco, on Rua Dom Manoel de Medeiros, Dois Irmãos - CEP: 52171-900. 

Art. 3

GELNE will pursue interchange with other national or foreign scientific societies.



Purposes and objectives


GELNE’s purposes and objectives are:

a) to incentivize the study, teaching and research in the fields of Linguistics, Literature and Languages in the North and Northeast of Brazil.

b) to disseminate and to establish interchange of scientific work produced in the fields of Linguistics, Literature and Languages by academics in the North and Northeast of Brazil.

c) to establish interchange among its associates and filiated researchers with various scientific societies, either national or foreign.

d) to hold professional improvement courses for professors and researchers;

e) to hold periodic meetings destined to associate’s interests and to discuss practical issues.

f) to contribute in the improvement of Language Majors.





GELNE is to have unlimited members named associates, who shall be over 18 years of age, of the following types:

a) Founding Associate

b) Effective Associate

c) Student Associate

d) Honorary Associate

e) Distinguished Associate

Art. 6

Founding associates are those who subscribe to GELNE’s constitutive act.

Art. 7

Effective associates shall be:

a) university professors of Language, Linguistics and Literature and their related areas;

b) Graduation and post-graduation students from Language, Linguistics and Literature programs and their related areas;

c) Bachelors and Teaching Majors in Language, Linguistics and Literature and their related areas.

7.1 Effective associates shall join GELNE through formal requirement addressed to the Executive Committee.

7.2 The reclaimer’s resumé shall be attached to the formal requirement.

7.3 To assess the requirement, the Committee might request the Council’s advice.

Art. 8

Associates shall become honorary associates only if professors, researchers or scholars that have been recognized by their peers due to significant contribution to teaching and research in Language, Linguistics and Literature and their related areas, by means of proposal taken by the Executive Committee to the General Assembly.

Art. 9

Associates shall become distinguished associates if they have contributed significantly with the Association or made special donations to increase its patrimony or develop its activities.

SOLE PARAGRAPH – special donation shall be understood as financial contributions, equipment or similar patrimonial goods.




Art.10 – GELNE’s officers are:

a) The Executive Committee

b) The Consultation Council

c) The General Assembly

Art. 11

The Executive Committee shall be composed of a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary and a Secretary-Treasurer elected by the founding and effective associates for a two-year term which can be shortened only once for the same purposes.

SOLE PARAGRAPH - The Executive Committee and the Council shall not receive any type of income for their activities in the Association.

Art. 12

A Second Secretary and a Second Secretary-Treasurer shall be elected to compose the Executive Committee.

Art. 13

The Council, as a normative entity, shall be composed of six members and their respective seconds for a four-year term with no possibility of immediate reoccupation for the same position for any of the members

13.1 The immediate last president is an automatic member of the Council and shall be seconded by the last vice-president.

13.2 The remaining Council members and respective seconds shall be elected by the effective associates.

13.3 Every two years, half the Council members shall be replaced on the same date of the election for the Executive Committee.

13.4 In case of resignation or definitive impediment of a Council member, the second shall replace them.

13.5 In case of resignation or definitive impediment of a Council member, the second shall be convocated to assume the position until the end of the term.


The General Assembly is a deliberative entity that shall be composed of founding and effective associates.

14.1 The General Assembly shall meet every two years ordinarily whereas extraordinary meetings shall be summoned by the President or by decision of simple majority of effective associates.

14.2 The General Assembly holds deliberative power when the majority of founding and effective associates are present for the first summon, or any number of associates for the second summon.

14.3 The right to vote in the General Assembly is lost by associates who have expired their membership and failed to contact the Association Treasurer to the limit of twenty-four hours before the meeting.



Duties of Officers


The Executive Committee shall:

a) define actions to achieve the Association’s purposes

b) design and realize projects and accounting to be submitted to Council’s appreciation;

c) follow and assure the following of Council’s and General Assembly’s decision.

15.1 The President shall:

a) summon and preside at meetings of the Executive Committee, Council and General Assembly;

b) represent GELNE actively or passively, in court or otherwise;

c) nominate and empower proxies granting them the necessary powers;

d) establish deals and partnerships in the interest of the Association.

e) call for elections for Executive Office and Council by letter at least sixty days in advance to the end of the term.

f) sign along with the Treasurer negotiable instruments.

15.2 The Vice-President shall:

a) replace the President in its absences and impediments;

b) assist the President when required;

15.3 The Secretary shall:

a) coordinate technical and administrative services for GELNE.

b) receive and process membership requests.

c) receive and process enrollment of parties that shall run for positions in the Executive Office as well as the candidacy for Council members;

d) organize and update GELNE’s archives.

15.4 The Treasurer Shall:

a) give quotes necessary to the good conduction of projects;

b) open, handle and close the Association’s bank accounts assisted by the President;

c) make discounts, disbursements and settle negotiable instruments for the Association assisted by the President;

d) receive payments from members and various contributions for deposit to the Association's accounts and emit the necessary receipts;

e) organize financial records of the Association;

f) report on their activities to the competent entities.

Art. 16

The Council shall:

a) assess projects and quotes presented by the Executive Office;

b) assure the realization of the decisions made by the General Assembly;

c) assess membership requests when summoned by the Executive Office;

d) verify financial and administrative reports presented by the Executive Committee;

e) establish processes of suspension or disconnection of any associate who lacks decorum in the exercise of their activities either as professor or researcher.

Art. 17

The General Assembly privately shall:

a) approve and change GELNE’s constitution;

b) ratify financial and administrative reports by the Executive Office and approved by the Council;

c) suspend or disconnect any associate who lacks decorum in the exercise of their activities either as professor or researcher after due process by the Council and secured all rights to defense and appeal;

SOLE PARAGRAPH – Members of the General Assembly have the right to express in writing on issues to be considered and voted.

Art. 18

Associates might appeal to the General Assembly against any acts of the Executive Office and the Council.





Elections shall be held thirty days before the end of the Executive Office’s term and half the Council members.

Art. 20

Founding and effective associates have the right to vote.

Art. 21

Voting associates can send their vote in a sealed envelope addressed to the Electoral Committee.


Associates with overdue membership who fail to reach GELNE’s Treasure until forty-eight hours before the elections shall lose their right to vote.


Founding and effective associates shall run for Executive Office and Council as long as professionally active in the North and Northeast regions of the country.

23.1 Candidates to Presidency, Vice-Presidency and Secretary must have a PhD.

23.2 Registration of parties to run for Executive Office must have attached a work proposal.

23.3 Registration of candidates to run for Council shall name candidates and their seconds.

23.4 Registration for candidates to run for Executive Office and Council shall be sent as a formal request to the Secretary from the beginning of the electoral process to the forty-eight hours before the election date.

Art. 24

Once registration period is completed, the Council will choose four voting associates for the Electoral Committee that shall be coordinated by the Secretary.


Associates shall vote for the registered party in the election for Executive Committee and the winner party shall be the one with the majority of votes.

Art. 26

Electors shall vote for as many names and positions are available for Council members and their seconds, who shall develop work in either Linguistics, Languages or Literature.

Art. 27

Council members and their seconds shall be chosen by the majority of votes.

Art. 28

Votes are unique and secret and might be sent by mail addressing the General Assembly that shall ratify the election.


Inauguration must take place in the thirty days after the elections.

Art. 28 - A posse dos eleitos deverá ocorrer até trinta dias após as eleições.





GELNE’s patrimony shall consist of movable or immovable properties and resources from:

a) Associate’s annual contribution

b) Fees and promotions

c) Sponsorship and financial aid (foundations)

d) other suitable sources

SOLE PARAGRAPH – associates must honor their membership under the risk of losing the right to vote as stated in Article 22 in this Constitution.

Art. 31

GELNE is to hold accounts in one or more than one banking institutions that shall be handled collaboratively by the President and the Treasurer and the mandatory signature from at least two members of the Executive Committee.

Duties of the Associates


Associates shall not respond either solidary nor subsidiary for the social   obligations, charges or commitments of the Association.



The association might be dissolved at any time by deliberation of the General Assembly, specially summoned to this end and by means of voting with absolute majority of votes.

Art. 34

In case the Association is dissolved, after negotiable instruments are settled, its patrimony is to be converted into benefits to an Institution dedicated to research and teaching with purposes similar to the ones established in this Constitution, that shall be indicated by the majority of effective associates gathered in General Assembly.



General Statements


The present Constitution shall be altered totally after four years by proposal of the Executive Committee, the Council or a group of Associates in General Assembly specifically summoned to this end.

Art. 36

Cases not included in this Constitution shall be solved by the Council ad referendum of the General Assembly.

Art. 37

This Constitution comes into force as of its register at the Cartório de Registro de Pessoas Jurídicas, in Fortaleza – Ceará and necessary ajustments for its legal binding and repealed any contrary provisions.


Art. 38

Council members shall be equally divided into four-year and two-year terms, according to Art. 13.3.

Art. 39.

The first Executive Committee and the first Council are immediately inaugurated.